Microsoft integrated the latest version of IncrediBuild’s software acceleration technology into Visual Studio 2015 Update 1.


By Darryl K. Taft, December 2, 2015

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The integration of IncrediBuild into Visual Studio 2015 Update 1 provides enhanced acceleration and build visualization to users of the IDE.

Microsoft integrated the latest version of IncrediBuild’s software acceleration technology into Visual Studio 2015 Update 1.

Microsoft shipped Visual Studio 2015 Update 1 earlier this week. The inclusion of IncrediBuild provides easy access to enhanced acceleration and build visualization to all Visual Studio 2015 users. Current users of Visual Studio 2015 will have IncrediBuild available in the latest software updates, and it will also be included in all new Visual Studio 2015 releases.

“With this collaboration and at no additional cost, developers can use IncrediBuild’s build engine to lay out build plans for their applications with more parallelized execution of the build,” John Montgomery, director of program management for Visual Studio, said in a blog post on Visual Studio 2015 Update 1. “This leverages hardware resources more effectively and provides monitoring to identify bottlenecks and better understand resource usage.”

IncrediBuild enables builds, testing, and other development processes to execute in parallel locally, over a build server, or harness idle CPU cycles in other computers over the entire network. IncrediBuild also allows Visual Studio users to scale to the cloud and use Microsoft’s Azure to add more computing resources, substantially increasing performance, speeding build time and improving developer productivity.

“This integration brings fast development and increased functionality immediately within Visual Studio to all programmers who use Visual Studio,” said Eyal Maor, CEO of IncrediBuild, in a statement. “As time to market takes on paramount importance, it is vital for developers to have easy access to development acceleration and visualize their build in an integrated fashion. It enables better software development and faster time to market, all in one package. IncrediBuild has helped thousands of development teams speed up their entire development, enable significantly faster automated testing and reducing continuous integration cycles, accelerating not only code builds but also asset builds, simulation, rendering and more. By natively integrating IncrediBuild within Visual Studio, every development team will have the best combination of acceleration and visualization solutions along with the most powerful and robust IDE.”

Users that install IncrediBuild from within Visual Studio 2015 get IncrediBuild for free on up to eight cores of an individual workstation. Additionally, users receive four more agents that can be used on up to eight cores for one month free, providing total capability of 40 cores to speed up their development. This free version also features Predicted Execution—a unique IncrediBuild technology that provides additional acceleration capabilities. IncrediBuild’s visualization technology for build monitoring replay, analysis and error detection is used within Visual Studio—allowing on-the-fly identification of inefficiencies, errors and bottlenecks.

In a blog post on the integration, Ankit Asthana, senior program manager for Visual Studio, said the Predicted Execution feature “allows IncrediBuild to create more parallelized build plans by breaking down artificial dependencies, resulting in faster build times. Predicted execution also allows intelligent resource management and scales system resources according to your build needs.”

In addition, “The build visualization tool, integrated into Visual Studio, helps developers see their overall build process, better understand the resource utilization of the builds, and easily identify bottlenecks for troubleshooting and optimization,” Asthana said.

Integrated into Visual Studio 2015, IncrediBuild provides:

  • Build Visualization: the ability to visualize the build process, easily detect errors, and identify bottlenecks for troubleshooting and optimization.
  • Predicted (Out of Order) Execution: using proprietary technology developed by IncrediBuild’s build experts, IncrediBuild’s predicted execution technology further optimizes the throughput (parallelization) and thus performance of C, C++, Android and C# builds.
  • Virtual Machine Aggregation: IncrediBuild can combine multiple virtual machines from within Azure and use all of the cores on the aggregated virtual machines in order to accelerate development within Azure.
  • Game Development: In addition to Android Native C++ support, developers building console, desktop and mobile games can create a multiplatform game within a single solution that can be compiled simultaneously. There is no need to create separate compilations for each target platform.

IncrediBuild accelerates all the major Microsoft development platforms, including make-and-build tools, such as MSBuild; development tools, such as Team Foundation Server; unit and static code analysis tools, such as MSTest, VSTest and FXCop; game development, such as Xbox, as well as Azure and Visual Studio Online.