IncrediBuild Announces Budget ‘FreeDev Premium’ Plan for New Customers

Tel Aviv, Israel, May 8

IncrediBuild, the leading development acceleration solution provider, announced today its new budget FreeDev Premium plan created specifically for new customers. The plan offers a new way for budget-minded or short-term project SMB customers to enjoy IncrediBuild’s top-industry boosting solutions like never before.

At its core, the plan is all about value for money with 12 months’ worth of 5 agents (with up to 8 cores each) + Dev Tools and Visual Studio or Make solutions for nearly half of the regular price. The FreeDev Premium plan comes with built-in access to new versions and tech support.

One of the biggest benefits of the new plan is an “extra-attractive” price for Freedev Premium plan customers who’d like to upgrade to the full plan, instead of paying the regular upgraded plan price, thus turning the FreeDev Premium plan into the ultimate choice for new IncrediBuild customers.

“The key word here is flexibility,” said IncrediBuild’s CEO, Eyal Maor, “Since IncrediBuild started as small startup, we understand the needs of SMB’s. A lot of them want to try products out before they make the call, or just implement a departmental deployment before they expend to a full enterprise license, and they need a price that’s fit for that budget.”

”With the FreeDev Premium plan, we want to give new customers that much-needed flexibility to test IncrediBuild’s impact on their business’s software development time and resources.” “We believe every type of software group should be able to enjoy IncrediBuild’s speed boosting benefits, and we’re making it a priority to make sure SMB’s and new groups aren’t left behind, literally.”